Sandra Wright and Sheralynne Craig – Customer of Year Award Winners

Some of our customers were nominated for the Customer of Year Award at our Annual Rewards and Recognition event. Here the 1st place and 3rd place winners stories:


Sandra _first place winner

Sandra Wright – 1st Place Winner Customer of the Year Award

Sandra Wright was nominated for ‘Customer of the Year’ by her Shaw Trust Work Choice Adviser, Pete Hooker. Pete said Sandra has overcome some major challenges to achieve her dream of permanent sustained employment.

Sandra was referred to Work Choice in April 2015 but before she could get started she had a set back and was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks. But with the support of Pete and her Mum Jill, they put a plan in place for Sandra to start moving forward. Pete arranged for Sandra to attend SAIL (Self Advocacy for Life) and to do some volunteering at Barnardo’s.

Sandra soon gained the confidence and self-esteem she needed to take on a fixed term contract with Clarity in Portsmouth as a telesales operative.

Unfortunately Sandra then had an accident which put her back in hospital. However when Sandra was ready to return to work and despite all of her challenges, with Sandra’s hard worked she was soon showing how her determination to succeed had paid off. Sandra started to consistently smash her targets and in August 2016 was offered a permanent position at Clarity.

With the news of a permanent position at Clarity, Sandra said that she was ecstatic and ready to take on the world.

Sandra has come such a long way with the support of all those involved, but crucially with her own hard work and determination. Pete said ‘she so deserves to be nominated as ‘Customer of the Year’’.


Sheralynne_ 3rd Place Winner

Sheralynne Craig  – 3rd Place Winner Customer of the Year Award

Sherry has been nominated for the ‘Customer of the Year’ award by Charlene Fletcher, her Shaw Trust Work Choice Adviser. Sherry has overcome major challenges in relation to her mental health to achieve her ultimate goal of permanent sustained employment. Despite significant and enduring mental health issues Sherry has shown determination to succeed and to do all she can for herself to ensure her success. Sherry has made the most of every opportunity available to her from the Work Choice Programme to find a role in her chosen career.

Sherry’s has struggled in the past to maintain employment. An opportunity to attend in-house counselling arose and Sherry accepted this and was fully committed to the process. She used this opportunity and the techniques she had learnt to manage her condition and to progress to the point that she was ready to re-enter the workplace. Sherry worked hard on her application skills including how she would present her condition to her prospective employers, not an easy task but one that she tackled with great bravery. Sherry was successful at interview and this resulted in a job opportunity with Havant and East Hants MIND.

But Sherry’s journey did not end there; she has recently achieved promotion at works. Sherry’s determination to overcome the challenges she faces and her continued focus on her goals has resulted in her well-deserved nomination for ‘Customer of the Year’.