Working with employers

The relationships between the CDG – WISE Ability supply chain and the employers are key to the success of our customers securing sustained employment. Our role is to support both the customer and the employer.


How do we support our employers?

• Information, advice and guidance: providing employers with the support they need to enable them to create the right environment for staff to develop and grow.• Reasonable adjustment: support employers to use ‘Access to Work’ to help fund equipment and adjustments to support disabled people in the workplace.

• Effective use of current resources: support employers to use the resources they already have to support disabled employees, such as buddies in the workplace.

• Coping strategies: understanding the challenges associated with some disabilities, and how to reduce the impact.

• Additional support mechanisms: Using our wider supply chain to provide additional support mechanisms such as training, counselling and debt management.

The only way to succeed is through true partnership working.


CDG – WISE Ability Employer Ambassadors



What is a CDG – WISE Ability Employer Ambassador:


An Employer Ambassador is an exemplary employer who has experience of employing customers who have a disability and/or long-term health condition.


The Role of the CDG – WISE Ability Employer Ambassador:

  • Supporting CDG – WISE Ability in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight,  in promoting the Work Choice programme to employers, who will go on to employ Work Choice customers.


  • Providing feedback to CDG – WISE Ability regarding employer experiences.


  •  Participating in training workshops taking place on a quarterly basis as and when necessary.


  • To deliver the message that disabled people and people with long-term health conditions can be a massive asset to the business.


Recently 1 of our Employer Ambassadors were nominated for the Large Employer of the Year award in our annual Rewards and Recognition event.

Large Employer of the Year Award Nominations

“Recognising an employer who has demonstrated exceptional commitment in creating opportunities and supporting customers who have disabilities and/or long-term health conditions.”


1st Place – B & M, Farlington

Mel and the team at B & M, Farlington, have been nominated for the Large Employer of the Year due to the outstanding support that they offer to the Work Choice customers. Due to the ongoing relationship between B & M and the Shaw Trust team, Mel and her team work with Shaw Trust to meet B & M recruitment needs, whether it is a large volume of vacancies or offering customers supported placements. The whole team at B & M are able to look past customer’s barriers to work, looking at each person as an individual, and working to provide all the support that is needed from day one. Often this help starts by offering individuals a one to one interview or if the customer may struggle with interview questions but have the skill set required for the role agree on a working interview instead. As a result of this approach, they have a ninety percent success rate of customers being offered a permanent role at the end of the supported placement. The support doesn’t end here; Mel and her team go above and beyond, assisting customers with their working tax credit forms, housing benefit forms and anything else that helps the customer make the transition to work. Mel and her team are also quick to highlight and praise the work of each customer, celebrating their successes as part of the team. Congratulations to Mel and the team at B & M Farlington!

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