Work Choice

In 2009, Careers Development Group and WISE Employment came together to create a special purpose vehicle called CDG – WISE Ability to deliver the Work Choice contract across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The Work Choice programme was introduced by the government to help people with disabilities and long term health conditions to find a job and to support them in that job, enabling them to sustain their employment. CDG – WISE Ability and its supply chain has been very successful in delivering the employment programme for people with disabilities and long term health conditions.

The organisations that make up the supply chain were chosen for their experience and expertise in working with the customer group, along with their existing geographical spread, local knowledge and networks.

The supply chain has worked together to ensure customers get the best provision possible to meet their individual needs. This has contributed to the success of the CDG – WISE Ability supply chain to deliver a successful programme.

CDG – WISE Ability Performance Year 6

Starts on programme Combined Job Outcomes Sustains
Profile 294 129 98
Actual 339 132 101
% 115% 102% 103%


CDG – WISE Ability would like to thank all of its supply chain organisations for their hard work and commitment to providing a successful programme, which enables our customers to succeed and achieve their full potential.


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