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CDG – WISE Ability is committed to working with partners who share and support our core
principles, to work towards a society in which employment is available to all. CDG-WISE Ability annual review 2016 (opens in new tab or window)




CDG WISE Ability supply chain rated excellent by national inspectors

05/12/2016 & 06/12/2016

CDG – WISE Ability supply chain rated excellent by national inspectors for ensuring disabled people get the best help.

CDG – WISE Ability manages the delivery of Work Choice, the government’s specialist employment support programme for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

A review of CDG – WISE Ability has rated the organisation excellent with a score of 93 per cent for the way the organisation supports its delivery partners and subcontractors to help disabled people find long-term employment.

Inspectors awarded the organisation the Merlin Standard, which was created by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) to recognise excellence in ensuring there is fair treatment of partners and subcontractors, and to help them perform to the highest standard.

Merlin Standard inspectors found the following:

  • The culture, developed and sustained by the Partnership Director and her team ensures all Supply Chain Partners believe communication is a two-way process where open and honest concerns and ideas can be shared with CDG – WISE Ability, other members of the supply chain and representatives of external quality standards. Supply Chain Partners validated that communication throughout the supply chain network continues to be very proactive and positive.
  • One of the key strengths of CDG – WISE Ability is their approach to, and interactions with, all staff within the supply chain which confirmed that they are very well supported, informally and formally, daily and through less frequent structured performance management meetings. Also, staff from across the network described how they are made to feel valued and engaged through for example them being invited to attend the Annual CDG – WISE Ability Rewards and Recognition event.
  • A culture of sharing good/excellent practice began when the contract went live and has continued throughout the life of the contract. This is facilitated through the workshops/forums, as well as quality and performance reviews, e-bulletins, informal sharing of knowledge and information and the annual Rewards and Recognition events.
  • The supply chain was designed with the aim of partners working together, sharing knowledge, information and good practice to deliver a high-quality service that achieves the aims and objectives of the Commissioner. These aims have been met throughout the life of the contract and is a major strength of the CDG – WISE Ability teams approach to supply chain management. Partners described how excellent collaborative working takes place at a local level with partners meeting each other regularly and, through careful facilitation by CDG – WISE Ability, discuss how they can support each other to meet customer needs.
  • Diversity and equality are embedded within the core principles of CDG – WISE Ability and its network of Supply Chain Partners.
  • CDG-WISE Ability and its supply chain recognise that continuous self-assessment is a fundamental condition of its contract with DWP. More importantly, however, they also recognise its importance in driving continuous improvement forward. The DWP’s Self-Assessment Tool, the four Principles of the Merlin Standard, and statements from the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework are used as the basis of the self-assessment. All interviewees spoke highly of the interactive one-day workshop held to complete the Self-Assessment during which the view of operational management, delivery staff working within the supply chain, customers, employers, Advisers and Administrators were sought This approach further fosters the high levels of transparency, honesty and collaboration across the partner network and with key stakeholders.

Read the full Merlin assessment report (PDF, 4.3MB, opens in new tab or window).


Linda Matthews, CDG – WISE Ability Work Choice Partnership Director, added:

“CDG – WISE Ability is delighted to be rated excellent in the way we work with our partners in supporting disabled people into employment across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. It is a real team effort and everyone involved is focused on continually improving the level of support and the difference we can make, to give people the best chance in life.”


CDG – WISE Ability is awarded ‘Strong’ rating by the DWP’s Provider Assurance Team for the second time!

CDG – WISE Ability has been awarded a strong assurance rating, following a review by the Department for Work and Pensions’ Provider Assurance Team (PAT).

Read the Provider Assurance review of CDG Wise Ability, (PDF, 327KB, link opens a new window)

The strong assurance rating is the highest assurance level that can be awarded. CDG – WISE Ability was awarded the rating as its management of key risks across four areas was evaluated by the Provider Assurance Team; the four areas being: governance arrangements, service delivery, financial control and data security.

“CDG–WISE Ability is really pleased to be able to announce that we have been awarded for a second time a grade of STRONG in our PAT (Department of Works and Pensions Quality Team) Audit.

This is a fantastic result which could only be achieved with exemplary team work. Each and every-one of the supply chain has contributed to this fantastic result.

We have now achieved a grade of STRONG twice, which is an outstanding result, I would like to personally say well done to everyone and thank you for all your hard work and support. We believe that together we are stronger than the sum of our parts, keep up the great work.”

Linda Matthews, Work Choice Partnership Director for CDG Wise Ability



CDG – WISE Ability  Annual Self-Assessment Report 2015 -2016

Read the cdg-wise-ability-self-assessment-report-sar-2015-16 (PDF, 1.21 MB, open in new tab or window)

The self-assessment report was informed by exhaustive consultation with supply chain partners and
other key stakeholders, including customers and employers.

CDG – WISE Ability facilitated an interactive one-day workshop to collect the views of operational
management and delivery staff working within the supply chain. A variety of evidence sources have
been used to inform the findings of this report.

This self-assessment was conducted in line with the requirements and approach as outlined in
DWP’s Generic Provider Guidance, Chapter 7 – Self Assessment. As a result, this report considers all
11 statements as defined in the DWP Self-Assessment Tool (SAT).

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