About us

CDG – WISE Ability delivers the Work Choice contract through its experienced and knowledgeable supply chain across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We deliver Work Choice peripatetically to ensure that the service is both bespoke to meet the customer’s own individual need and available geographically to all. We recognise that the travel to work distance may be shorter for our customer group, and therefore the service needs to reflect this.


Board of directors

Peter Holmes, Chair
Roy O’Shaughnessy
Kay Sutton


CDG – WISE Ability core principles

The organisation is committed to:

• innovation and integrity in the way it manages its partnership network

• achieving and maintaining excellent performance and a quality service

• encouraging customer self-sufficiency and empowerment, and

• employment.

CDG – WISE Ability is also committed to working with partners who share and support our core principles to work towards ‘a society in which employment is available to all’.

A company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales number 07033535. Registered Office: Shaw Trust, Third Floor, 10 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6BN. Email: info@cdg-wiseability.co.uk

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