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CDG – WISE Ability is working with the Saints Foundation (part of Southampton Football Club) as a pilot to support young people with disabilities or Long Term Health Conditions into Work.




Saints Foundation guests in the SpotPesa box during the Premier League match between Southampton and Sunderland at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton, England on 27 August 2016. Photo by Matt Watson/SFC/Digital South.


How we used Rickter to shape our employability course

Saints Foundation is an independent charity aligned to Southampton Football Club. Harnessing the passion of the club and its fans they aim to INSPIRE, SUPPORT and DELIVER positive change and equality of opportunity for young people and vulnerable adults across Southampton and surrounding areas. They work across six key themes: Youth inclusion, Lifelong Learning, Health and Wellbeing, Education, Schools and Enterprise and Football and Sports Development.

CDG – WISE Ability delivers the Work Choice contract through its experienced and knowledgeable supply chain across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Their core purpose is to support people with disabilities and long term health conditions who are unemployed find worthwhile and sustainable employment and improve their quality of life. The aim is to deliver a service that meets the needs of the customers ensuring both a high quality and excellent service.

During 2016 both organisations met up and working in partnership created an Employability Course aimed at young people with disability/health conditions that needed help and support in taking their next steps towards employment goals.

Calling the course “Marching Towards Employment” participants were invited to join and in the week before starting came in for individual Rickter sessions. From this we identified key areas of development as well as individual goals relating to employment. From this we were able to tailor the course specifically around these areas as opposed to just delivering an “off the shelf” course on what was presumed they would need to learn.

The results spoke for themselves with the follow up assessments showing improvement, development and achievements across the board with all the participants.


Keith Mitchell, Employment Adviser, CDG –WISE Ability

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Supporting ‘Ready Emmy Walk and SDR Friends’

CDG – WISE Ability is supporting the ‘Ready Emmy Walk and SDR Friends’ campaign to raise awareness of Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia and money for the costs of  essential surgery in America, travel and accommodation, post-operative intensive physiotherapy and the physiotherapy equipment Emmy will require for her rehabilitation. Here is a video of Emmy’s story Ready Emmy Walk Video (video opens in new tab).


Volunteering Day at Enham Trust

Photo’s taken by Louise at Enham Trust, I think everyone would agree it was a great day.